1. slattern, slut, drab, sloven, draggle-tail; frump, dowdy; hag.
2. prostitute, harlot, whore, hussy, wanton, loose woman, fallen woman, woman of the streets, streetwalker, trull, quean, painted woman, bar girl, Inf. pick-up, All Sl. tart, cat, hooker, floozie, working girl. See prostitute(def. 1).

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  • Trollop — Trol lop, n. [From {Troll} to roll, to stroll; but cf. also {Trull}.] A stroller; a loiterer; esp., an idle, untidy woman; a slattern; a slut; a whore. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • trollop — 1610s, slovenly woman, probably from TROLL (Cf. troll) (v.) in sense of roll about, wallow. [A] certain Anne Hayward, wife of Gregory Hayward of Beighton, did in the parishe church of Beighton aforesaid in the time of Divine Service or Sermon… …   Etymology dictionary

  • trollop — ► NOUN dated or humorous ▪ a sexually disreputable or promiscuous woman. ORIGIN perhaps related to archaic trull prostitute , from German Trulle …   English terms dictionary

  • trollop — [trä′ləp] n. [prob. < Ger trolle, wench: see TROLL2] 1. Now Rare a slovenly, dirty woman; slattern 2. a sexually promiscuous woman; specif., a prostitute …   English World dictionary

  • trollop —    a prostitute    Originally, an untidy or slatternly woman and to trollop was to work in a slovenly manner.    The euphemism dates from the 18th century:     That impudent trollop, who is with child by you. (Henry Fielding, 1742) …   How not to say what you mean: A dictionary of euphemisms

  • trollop — UK [ˈtrɒləp] / US [ˈtrɑləp] noun [countable] Word forms trollop : singular trollop plural trollops old fashioned 1) offensive an insulting word for a woman whose sexual behaviour is considered to be immoral 2) an insulting word for a woman who is …   English dictionary

  • trollop —    A word used to describe a woman who is either slovenly or sexually loose. Modern women are perhaps less likely to be called trollops than were their sisters in the eighteenth century.    Thomas Wolfe may have been right to illustrate… …   A dictionary of epithets and terms of address

  • trollop — noun Etymology: perhaps irregular from trull Date: 1621 a vulgar or disreputable woman; especially one who engages in sex promiscuously or for money …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Trollop — A woman regarded as slovenly or untidy, or a women seen as a whore or prostitute [websters dictionary] …   Wikipedia

  • trollop — trollopy, adj. /trol euhp/, n. 1. an immoral or promiscuous woman, esp. a prostitute. 2. an untidy or slovenly woman; slattern. [1605 15; earlier trollops; perh. akin to TROLL1] * * * …   Universalium

  • trollop — 1. noun /ˈtɹɒl.əp/ a) A woman held by others as retaining a vulgar and discourteous disposition. b) A strumpet. 2. verb /ˈtɹɒl.əp/ a) …   Wiktionary

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